We have an ambition - to build with meticulous reason and attention, we believe in the power of details that reveal the meaning and essence of architecture

We share the same quest - to understand how the future is forged. We conduct experiments and studies through our own research, the results of wich are open and accessible to all. 

We share a curiosity for the world and the humility that it imposes. We project our attention towards other horizons who constantly stimulate our reflection. We blend innovation with acquired knowledge, materials with visions, past resolutions future challenges, valued know-how of hot environments with concerns facing those rapidly becoming one.

We embrace complexity with enthusiasm and ingenuity. We seek a response that is simple, clear and evident. We listen to the tessitura of places before drawing, designing, building, restoring.

We observe how people live and how collectives function. We contribute to their aspirations in a common spirit of innovation, beauty, emotion and functional precision.

We participate in debates on new urbanities, at all levels, conscious of the urgent need for change, of the social andenvironmental responsibilities of architects. The energy of this new world has forged our culture.

We realise that our profession has taken on new duties and we believe that we contributed to bringing them to light through a desire to think reality.

We base our reflections on a combination of long-term vision and immediate responses, without succumbing to the charms of ephemeral tendency.

We learned to listen to our clients and their end-users, to develop with them a method of collaboration where discussion alters neither the expectation nor the strength of our projects; to the contrary, it stimulates and heightens them.

We affirm that there is no hierarchy in the nature of programmes, that all command the same ambition, the same respect and the same enthusiasm. And for that we mobilize and bring together the best of what creativity and science has to offer for an intelligent and intelligible architecture.

We are a team in France and in India who carries this conviction with force and tenacity, building a culture of responsibility and an identity of our own, who considers that the orchestration of the future of cities is above all a subject of architecture.