Enia’s management is based on the multidisciplinary background of the three partners, and the diversity of profiles and cultures in the team. 


By its collective approach of conception, and the BIM process, which was initiated in 2010, Enia develops a collaborative course throughout all project phases.


A major challenge is the contribution to research. Within the EniaLab Laboratory, several research programs are developed in parallel to the daily practice. 

enialab : ongoing research

Within Enialab, we develop several research programs, which cover a very wide range of scales and themes. From furniture to regional plans, they are geared towards energy optimization, thermal comfort, function and the fight against premature obsolescence of the living environment.
To date, this activity has enabled us to file three international patent applications.


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    Bilan du télétravail


    Après 2 mois de confinement nos équipes ont développé des méthodes de télétravail qui montrent leur efficacité :

    - 100% des équipes opérationnelles
    - 0 retard sur nos échéances de livrables
    - des webinars internes pour améliorer nos méthodes
    - eniaSCOPE notre intranet apporte à chaque collaborateur les informations dont il a besoin pour garder confort et efficacité dans son travail.

    Liste des outils utilisés : - G Suite : Chat & Meet -  Autodesk BIM 360 - BRICKS App : Application de collaboration agile pour la construction.

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    Aperçu aérien du projet TableSquare réalisé par un drone


    Magnifique aperçu aérien de notre projet TableSquare sur l'esplanade de la Défense.
    Nous avons désormais hâte de profiter du talent des 7 restaurateurs installés dans le projet.

    Images @Drone Réalisations (bcdroneralisations)

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    All united against COVID-19


    The agency's 3D printer has been mobilized for 2 weeks to produce protective visors for the EPS Ville-Evrard hospital and journalists from Radio France . 
    Thanks to Léandre who transformed his basement into a production workshop!

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    ENIA at home


    Due to the current health context, ENIA has decided to close closed the Agency's offices for the entire duration of the containment period. ENIA is fully comitted to maintaining our its activity, we are perfectly operational, with the whole array of tools for remote working. teleworking with all the means and tools at our disposal, perfectly operational.
    You can contact us by phone: 01 84 03 04 10 or by email: at normal business hours. You may can also reach your usual contacts by phone and email.
    Take care of yourself; we will meet again very soon!