Enia’s management is based on the multidisciplinary background of the three partners, and the diversity of profiles and cultures in the team. 


By its collective approach of conception, and the BIM process, which was initiated in 2010, Enia develops a collaborative course throughout all project phases.


A major challenge is the contribution to research. Within the EniaLab Laboratory, several research programs are developed in parallel to the daily practice. 

enialab : ongoing research

Within Enialab, we develop several research programs, which cover a very wide range of scales and themes. From furniture to regional plans, they are geared towards energy optimization, thermal comfort, function and the fight against premature obsolescence of the living environment.
To date, this activity has enabled us to file three international patent applications.


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    Art & Architecture


    Votez pour l'église Saint-Joseph et les vitraux de l'artiste Thierry Boissel. Nous sommes dans les 100 projets retenus cette année au CODA Awards !

    Pour voter, avant le 30 juin, allez sur En savoir plus et cherchez le terme "Joseph". Cliquez sur VOTE !

    Photo : ©Sukyung Jung

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    Saint-Malo Ferry Terminal


    The team led by ENIA Architects is a finalist in the competition for the new Saint-Malo ferry terminal (ENIA / ATELIER ALTERN / EGIS / ELEMENTS INGENIERIES / AE75 / CASSO&ASSOCIES / ACOUSTIQUE&CONSEIL) - Contracting authority: SEMBREIZH

    Perspective @Vize

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    Audit of remote working practices


    After 2 months of quarantine, our teams have developed effective teleworking practices :

    - 100% of operational teams
    - 0 delays on our deliverables
    - internal webinars to improve our methods
    - eniaSCOPE, our intranet, provides each staff member with all the information they need to remain comfortable and efficient in their work.

    List of tools used : - G Suite: Chat & Meet - Autodesk BIM 360 - BRICKS App: Agile Collaboration Application for Construction


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    Drone footage of the TableSquare project


    Beautiful aerial view of our TableSquare project on the Esplanade de la Défense.
    We are looking forward to enjoy the talents of the 7 chefs now performing in the project.

    Images @Drone Réalisations (bcdroneralisations)