a story

The context of tensions  (economical difficulties, political powerlessness, environment emergency) and the deep transformation of our profession (development of alternative production modes - conception-realization, PPP-, necessity of large expertises due to the growing complexity of the created project), are major challenges for architects.

This challenge needs two essential qualities : tenacity and agility. They suggest, within education in Architecture Schools, a primary base : agility, expressed through the complementarity of disciplines present in the architectural field. And tenacity, revealed by the enthusiasm these fundamental years have conveyed.

Urged to defy their theoretical knowledge with reality, Mathieu Chazelle, Simon Pallubicki, and Brice Piechaczyk, choose to join forces, convinced of the energy that the collective imbues and of the fruitful confrontation of ideas.

Thus was founded in 2003, Enia architectes.

Using our previous professional experiences as a support to our architecture training (Simon worked for many years as a cabinetmaker, Brice and Mathieu as engineers), we decided to simultaneously invest several areas of our discipline: in project management of course, but as well in teaching (Brice at l’Ecole Polytechnique, Mathieu at the Architecture School of Paris Val-de-Seine and Simon at the Architecture School of Paris Belleville) and in applied research.  

a time relationship

Enia’s projects stand the test of time: it might be 30, 50 or 100 years before the users begin to re-question their existence. However and since the last 30 years, our society is experiencing a transformation spur: communication, movements, leisures, work, networks… Aware of this rapid alteration of the world, the users and the means to inhabit the city, Enia architectes seeks the notion of durability regarding the role of the architect: to plan and materialize the future.

Given the risks of a premature obsolescence of the city, our responsibility as architects is humongous: we must create harmonious living conditions in a resourceful reasoned economy.

We protect the idea that this responsibility extends to all building composing the city, regardless of their function or size, and that all deserve ambition and efforts. Thus, all the projects of enia architects have an indisputable obligation towards integration but as well malleability in order to resist the projected obsolescence, ruining the post-carbon city. 

experiencing space

To design a space is to respond, in the most honest and generous way, to an expectation. It is to listen, analyze and understand the need of the future users with regard to offer them a place of living and well-being.

We guard the idea that the research towards optimal functionality; which is the sine qua non condition of all of our projects, remains closely linked to architectural sensibility. It is only with respect to light and materials that we conceive space: we believe that it is in the purity of a plan or a section that poetry emerges.