Rennes Campus Renovation

France, 2021

Technical Specifications


urban project



project manager

Team enia : Mindjid Maizia, Marc-Antoine Delbauffe


Developing a decision support tool for the energy renovation of buildings





This research proposes a decision support tool for the energy renovation of a university campus.

Why this research? 
This project is part of the University of Rennes 1's desire to have a global plan for the modernisation of its campuses. Heat losses are significant for all the buildings on campus. The massive renovation implies a need for efficiency which presents many obstacles due to the singularity of each building. The objective is to propose a tool to help industrialization in the renovation. 

Methodology and results
Our approach consists in defining the criteria allowing to characterize the buildings of the pilot and to define the specificities of their facades, to optimize these specificities in order to limit them as much as possible and to try to quantify the impact of these adaptations on the performance trajectories. For this purpose, we developed a software to calculate performance trajectories and global prices to evaluate the impact of strategic choices.