Oyala Stadium

Djibloho, Equatorial Guinea, 2012

Construction of a National Sports Center in Equatorial Guinea, located on la Paz Avenue directly connected to the city’s infrastructure. This building overlooks a large landscape that extends inside the plot, next to the Wele River. The spectators are welcomed by a generous scenery of 25 000m² and circulate on about 14 000m². The visitors’ circulation in all the different areas is central in this project.

Technical Specifications




Djibloho, Equatorial Guinea


Equatorial Guinea government

project manager

Construction company: Bouygues International 
Architecture: ENIA architectes + CR Architecture
Engineering: EGIS Bâtiments International 

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18 000 m²


200 M€ HT


Construction of a 40 000-seat stadium (football and athletics), development of a 34 ha site dedicated to sports competitions







The visitors are welcomed to a generous landscape of 25,000m² and circulate on a space of about 14,000m². This area is dotted with shops, services and information points.

The presidential and VIP guests are welcomed in a 3,000m² lounge carefully designed, including several cloakrooms, bars and restaurants.

Media, sportsmen and managers have specific areas, adapted to their needs.

The stadium has a capacity of 41,600 seats distributed between two covered terraces. The lower terrace is accessible from the parvis on the ground floor, the higher terrace is accessible through the big staircase emerging from the stadium.

The parvis is extended with an open space inside the stadium perimeter. While circulating all over the stadium, visitors remain sheltered. They can take advantage of numerous shops and services located on the ground floor and easily access the lower tribunes.