Alzette Belval

Alzette Belval, France, 2011

Technical Specifications


urban project


Alzette Belval, France

project manager

Partners : CCPHVA, Université de Lorraine, Groupe GDF, IOSIS, CIRMAD Est, ADIM Est, Arcelor-Mittal, Demathieu & Bard, SNI Nord Est, Batigere, Meurthe &Moselle Habitat, Moselis, Saint-Gobain, Eneco, Semaco, Winston&Straw, Envalor, Groupe Seche, GISFI, EPFL (Etablissement Public), Valterra Depollution et Réhabilitation

Team enia : Brice Piechaczyk, Mindjid Maïza


To propose a basic urban, energy and landscape framework





The aim of the project is to develop an ecocity on a vast industrial wasteland by proposing an urban framework that envisages large-scale energy sharing and thus makes it possible to meet ambitious environmental footprint reduction targets. 

Why this research? 
The territory of Alzette Belval lacks attractiveness and is strongly dependent on Luxembourg. The housing stock is outdated and under-occupied. The connection with Luxembourg leads to numerous cross-border journeys, which are mainly made by car for lack of an adequate alternative. The project responds to a territorial demand and is combined with planning tools: the objective being to propose a viable strategy for the whole territory, on the economic, social, energy and environmental levels. 

Methodology and results
In order to understand in detail the issues related to the territory, we carried out a constraints analysis. The research focused on the strategy that it could bring to the territories, in collaboration with many actors, chosen for their specific competence in the fields called for throughout the strategy.